Why financial investments yield 4 times real estate investments? False

Bonds yield almost 10% annually in USD against 2.5% property rental income, which also must pay 35% tax rate against 15% financial income.

In the article written by Mariano Gorodisch, several analysts believe, on a reasonable basis, that financial investments yield 5 times real estate investments. In Argentina, if you analyze the international markets, the situation is different. In the opinion of Mariano Capellino, CEO of INMSA, the point is analyzing the financial returns taking into account real estate assets in opportunity markets “and Argentina today is not an opportunity; even more, we are undergoing a process where the property prices will need adjustment”.

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If you want to read the original article published in Cronista, access this link: https://www.cronista.com/finanzasmercados/Inversiones-financieras-rinden-cuatro-veces-mas-que-la-renta-inmobiliaria-20180711-0029.html

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