Where to invest in the USA?

INMSA sometimes does not agree with some opinions released in different articles related to this sector. This is the case. But, anyway, it is important to be present and give our view. This is about Miami, even when the article also involved other people consulted about Detroit, where INMSA has clearly built a serious and professional reputation.

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Here you can see the summary of the article. Mariano Capellino´s opinion was mainly about Miami and it is not consistent with the rest of the specialists. As we usually say, INMSA´s objective is to seek the highest returns for their investors as it is not a developer or a real estate agent. Of course, developers and real estate agents make efforts to sell their construction works or the assets in their portfolio.

Regarding some optimistic opinions about Miami, Mariano Capellino said: “the volume of transactions has been reduced in the last years and the stock has significantly grown because of the availability of new units whose construction has just been finished. For this reason, there has been a downward correction of prices since 2015 on a 10% average annually. This situation has taken place especially in Brickell, Downtown and, to a lesser extent, in the beach zone, where values have dropped 5% annually in the last 3 years”.

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