Launching operations in Mexico

In alliance with Codwell Banker Commercial, INMSA will mainly focus on high-net-worth families
The global American Investments Company, Inmsa Real Estate, targeting high-net-worth families and family offices, has launched operations in Mexico today through a partnership with Codwell Banker Commercial and aiming to attract real estate investments from Mexican people to Spain and USA.

During a press conference, Mariano Capellino, CEO of the company, expressed the following “our work involves identifying markets which have suffered important crises and which are now under recovery process”.

For instance, in 2009, the assets in the United States of America fell by 50%. However, their recovery took five years, enabling the assets to double their value during that period of time”. He said that their strategy involves making investments based on markets cycles and acquiring properties held by banks, as they can be obtained at a price quite under the market value thus enabling 2-digit returns.

“When accessing a market in crisis, real properties are held by Banks, they foreclose the mortgages and sell the properties in auctions. Our strategy involves purchasing those assets which are obtained quite under the market value, thus generating another source of return which, in addition to the traditional returns of the property, make it possible to exceed the 2-digit results, therefore turning them into really attractive operations for investors” Mariano Capellino expressed.

Inmsa has been operating in real estate markets for more than 20 years in countries such as USA, Spain, Argentina and now in Mexico. In the opinion of the CEO of this company, Mexico is one of the markets investors have showed more interest in, therefore this launch has become part of an expansion plan of the company.

Inmsa’s model
The Company focuses on high-net-worth families in Latin America seeking to diversify their real estate portfolio in markets of Europe and USA. However, they make a difference as they work on two strategic points enabling investors to access high-returns and safe opportunities.

The first point is the creation of direct investment vehicles for each family, considering their risk profile and investment horizons. Regarding the second one, Inmsa ensures attractive returns by identifying the convenient cycles of the markets.

Capellino explained that markets have four phases: recovery, expansion, coercion and recession and that it takes between 10-20 years to generate these four cycles. The role of Inmsa during such period consists of identifying those markets which have undergone crises and are experiencing a recovery process, as they generate strong returns on investment.

It must be pointed out that the initial focus of INMSA México is UHNWI (ultra-high-net-worth individuals) and family offices. In the future, they are planning to manage the structuring process and administration of real estate investment funds for REITs and financial institutions.

INMSA “is an American real estate investments Company which has been operating for more than 20 years in different markets. We aim to work with high-net-worth families seeking to diversify their investments in developed markets, mainly in Europe and USA”, said Mariano Capellino. 

Also, he said that the Company has developed a methodology enabling investors to access high-returns and safe opportunities through the work of a research team which analyzes the cycles of the market worldwide in order to decide where to enter, looking for the best profit-risk equation to protect and increase the investor’s assets.

With the results obtained, they can establish the countries they will operate in, detect location, types and classes of assets to invest in. Once the investment segments have been defined, they negotiate the acquisition of distressed assets in auctions, banks, with the participation of receivers, among others. Afterwards, they take part in the management process during the possession of the asset and an exit strategy is defined based on the returns that can be generated by each asset.

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