Inmsa starts operating in México

Starting today, INMSA, an American Company engaged in real estate operations worldwide is operating in Mexico; this company has offices in Miami, Detroit, Madrid, Buenos Aires and now in the City of Mexico.

“Today, our dream of expanding to Mexico is becoming a reality, and we are doing so together with Coldwell Banker Commercial. This country was showing great interest in investing at global level so when we met Luis Mendez Trillo, president of the real estate consulting company, we had the chance to set up a partnership to offer these investment opportunities in the country”, said Mariano Capellino, founder and CEO at INMSA.

On the other hand, Luis Méndez is seeing this opportunity as a complementary service to their clients´ investments; and it also allows to support the diversification strategy in the Mexican territory.

He also explained that the investment model is adapted to the family´s requirements, i.e., “if you wish to invest in retails in Madrid or in hotels and offices in Barcelona, you can do it”.

It must be pointed out that the initial target of Inmsa Mexico will be UHNWI (Ultra high net worth individuals) and family offices. In the future, they are planning to restructure and manage Real Estate investment funds for REITs and financial institutions.

INMSA “is an American real estate investments company which has been operating in different markets for 20 years, we focus on working for high-net-worth families who intend to diversify their investments in developed markets, mainly in Europe and USA”, said Mariano Capellino.

Furthermore, he indicated that the company has developed a methodology which allows access to high-returns and safe opportunities for investors. Their research team analyzes the global market cycles to decide which markets are the most convenient ones, seeking the best profit-risk equation in order to protect and expand their clients’ equity.
With the results obtained, they can establish the countries they will operate in, detect location, types and classes of assets to invest in. Once the investment segments have been defined, they negotiate the acquisition of distressed assets in auctions, banks, with the participation of receivers, among others. Afterwards, they take part in the management process during the possession of the asset and an exit strategy is defined based on the returns that can be generated by each asset.

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Source:  Revista Inmobiliare