Inmsa in the mexican media

On the first day of June in the morning a meeting with the media was held. A number of 20 representatives of the local media was present. The purpose of that meeting was to inform the new strategic agreement between Mariano Capellino and Luis Méndez Trillo to start INMSA´s operations in Mexico.

Such meeting allowed to go deeper into INMSA’s business model and into its initial purpose of focusing on high-net-worth families and family offices.

As expressed by Luis Mendez Trillo, in Mexico there is a strong interest in investing worldwide. INMSA’s objective will be to provide access to investments in international real estate markets to diversify portfolios and obtain high returns.

He also indicated that one of the differential aspects of INMSA is their tailor-made direct investment structures created according to families´ risk profiles. Such families are 100% controlling the assets in which they are investing, which means that operations are conducted safely and transparently.

INMSA was founded 20 years ago by Mariano Capellino, current CEO of the company. INMSA intends to challenge the traditional paradigm of investment by implementing a business model which not only allows to maintain but also increment investors´ portfolio by achieving high returns. Through a global vision and local implementation, INMSA manages the investment in USA and Europe, analyzing the cycles of the markets worldwide in order to decide where to enter and looking for the best profit-risk equation to protect and increase investors´ assets.
It was an intense meeting that lasted more than one hour and a half. Mexico had not been informed about this real estate investment management process before, for that reason, many questions were formulated by attendees. Due to the interest showed in this process, some subsequent meetings were held with different media representatives. Afterwards, a meeting with investors was conducted at Terraza Everest and different reports were generated:

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Source:  Bank Magazine