Gabriel López, President of Ford Southern Cone interviewed by Marcelo Longobardi

Surely, this interview has been listened by many people. During an interview conducted by Marcelo Longobardi to Gabriel López, President of Ford, Southern Cone, in Cada Mañana, his radio program, they discussed about the North American International Auto Show to be carried out in Detroit, one of the markets we are always talking about and where INMSA has one of its offices in the USA.

This is an extract of such interview, in which Gabriel López, as part of his answer to the questions asked by Marcelo, makes a fantastic summary of what is currently happening in Detroit, and how the city is experiencing a reconstruction process, including investments by Ford itself aimed to manufacture autonomous and electrical vehicles rather than traditional cars.


This proves, once again, the potential for real estate investments offered by this great city. You can see more information in this article (released almost 2 years ago) on La Nación newspaper where the topic had been anticipated:

Today, it is one of the stars in the market, but it is necessary to be careful, pay fair prices and select properly to obtain excellent rents and extraordinary revaluations.

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