Be lagom, the most commented project in Spain

With a great impact in the Spanish and European press, Be Lagom is positioned as one of the most innovative projects in Spain. Based on concepts such as sustainability, organic food and circular economy, it includes 13 luxury villas designed to meet the needs of the most demanding buyers in the world. The price of the villas starts in 1.2 million euros, targeting buyers from countries such as Norway, Sweden, Belgium and England which are seeking a quality and environmentally friendly second residence.

Be Lagom is being constructed on a 14,000 square meter surface, overlooking the sea and Marbella district. The investment of this project involves about 15,000,000 euros. Works have started early this year and the construction process will take between 18-20 months approximately.

The media of the Spanish, English, Nordic and French speaking countries and also of other languages have echoed this new development which is considered the first of its kind. It will include, among other characteristics, Mediterranean gardens of more than 5,000 square meters, an organic garden, fruit trees, a great variety of flowers and landscaping prioritizing the natural aspect and trees to create its shared spaces. From the architecture point of view, the combination of materials allows to maintain its essence, such as the use of wood and stone combined with iron, reminding us of the construction methods traditionally used and providing warmth and a natural aspect but still modern. On the other hand, in terms of design, villas have been adapted to the terrain in such a way that facades overlook the sea while privacy is maintained by covering the facades in the Northern area.

People are increasingly becoming more aware of the necessity of living in a sustainable environment. Be Lagom is a unique real estate project which will turn the way of living of its residents into an example of the so-called circular economy, which has been so fashionable in the last years. Society is moving at a really fast pace affecting all aspects of our lives and which has completely changed our consumption patterns. The natural resources are limited and depletion has started, which is causing serious consequences for our environment. For this reason, the circular economy intends to implement a new economy, circular (rather than lineal), based on the “closing the lifecycle” principle of all products and services.

 Lagom is a Swedish word enhancing the relevance of achieving an average point. Lagom means “fair amount”, avoiding excess and extreme limitation, thus allowing us to better understand what makes us happy and what things are suitable for our mental well-being. In this way, this term combines the idea of “Be” and it also entails meanings derived from the philosophy of life referred to in the term Lagom.

Its exclusivity is also based on its unprecedented landscaping project in Costa del Sol. This project includes pergolas, fountains, pedestrian paths, gardens with flowers, homegrown fruit trees and private orchards of Mediterranean gardens. This project includes several zones with berry bushes, fragrance bushes, Mediterranean bushes, fruit trees and plantations in trellis. All these trees and bushes will be edible or used for cultivating cut flowers or preparing aromatic products, thus entering the cycle again and also getting into the whole philosophy behind the circular economy.

Domotic, i.e. the integration of technology into all aspects of a home will be present in this project, as technology will be applied to security systems, power systems, owners´ well-being and telecommunications.

One of the key characteristics of this project is the excellence of the group of experts involved. Ultimately, Be Lagom is also a life style philosophy at real estate level, where several professionals have come together and they will have the chance to materialize the project of their dreams.

Gonzalez & Jacobson Arquitectura has designed this Project under the guidance of Rodolfo Amieva. On the other hand, Laura Pou will be in charge of the landscaping. Guillermo Tragant and his studio Furia have been responsible for the concept of the project and, Marina Romero is a developer of Altur Homes.

 Furthermore, this project has involved the direct participation of another 80 people and the indirect participation of 200 employees, in addition to 20 people who have been involved on a permanent basis.