A new edition of Inmsa´s cycle for investors

With the assets already registered  after the declaration of assets, and the new Financial Income Law, it was necessary to create a space to clarify the new rules of the game. For that reason, we invited Néstor de Lisio, partner of the Tax Department and responsible for Anti-Corruption Policies; and Fabián López, partner in the Auditing Division and founder of Estudio RSM, one of the main auditing and accounting companies in Argentina and a member of the International Network with more than 41,400 professionals with more than 800 offices in 120 countries.

This space was useful to understand the current situation, how to properly act in the future and what should be considered when investing.

This enabled Mariano Capellino to give his vision about the global context of real estate investments considering previous definitions of specialists. Therefore, he was able to make concrete recommendations to obtain concrete results which can be sustained over time within this new regulatory framework.

If you wish to participate in our Cycle, call us to +54 11 52767100 to be invited.

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